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US Keen To Help Nigeria Identify Sponsors Of Terrorism – American Ambassador

US Offers To Help Nigeria Identify Sponsors Of Terrorism – American Ambassador
Mary Leonard, US Ambassador to Nigeria







The United States has expressed its readiness to assist Nigeria identify sponsors of terrorism in the country.

This was revealed on Monday by Mary Leonard, the US Ambassador to Nigeria during a meeting with journalists in Abuja.

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When the envoy was asked if the US was ready to help Nigeria identify sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria, she said talks were ongoing on the matter, The Punch reports.

Leonard said, “That is something we are very eager to partner Nigeria on. I have had at least three conversations in the last two months on this subject.

“I won’t like to go into details.”

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She also allayed fear that the US partnership with Nigeria might end up like that of Afghanistan.

According to her, Nigeria has had a strong bilateral relationship with the US, saying that the situations are not the same.

She added, “I hear people making the analogy with Afghanistan a lot, it does not match up.

“When you listen to what President Biden said on how troops went to Afghanistan in the first place, it was because they were in a horrible tragedy, over 3,000 Americans were killed.

“That is a different construct. The sovereign nations who have had strong bilateral relations. I don’t actually think the two match up.”

The Commander, US Air Forces in Europe, General Jeffrey Harrigian, said the purchase of Tucano fighter jets by Nigeria was an opportunity to cement the US relationship with the West African country and curb insecurity.

He said, “The A -29 Super Tucano gives us an opportunity to reconnect our relationship with Nigeria.

“It is also an opportunity to bring together the capabilities on the human side and what the A29 brings to the nation, practically as it would contribute to bringing stability to not only Nigeria but the region.”



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